Sunday, 23 December 2012

Male To Female - Invisible Ghost

Sam Surprised After being Changed to a woman

I should have never come in this cursed home. I had already heard stories that one invisible sex thirsty ghost likes to have sex with everyone who visits this house alone. I had thought I am male so I do not have to worry about it. But I did not know that he will transform me into a girl just to have sex with me.
Now I am feeling very very frightened, but anyway, I do not have to worry because I have also heard that he does not like to have sex with a girl unless she enjoys it. and I being a man hope, I won't enjoy having sex like a girl.”

But when the ghost slowly started caressing Sam, he in her female Avatar just wasn't able to control & gave it in.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Crossdressing Adventure : Party

Jay & Ron At The Party

All Jay wanted was to make her ex-girlfriend Ria feel jealous of his new girlfriend after she dumped him, but the problem was that he had no girlfriend to take to the college annual fest. So he asked his friend Ron for help. As Ron was a CD, & getting this chance to go out in public as a chick, he readily agreed to go out with Jay as his girlfriend. On the big day, when Jay went to pick up Ron, he was stunned. Ron, was looking more sexier than his ex. At the party, every boy was staring at Jay's new girlfriend. Even Ria, Jay's ex was fuming with anger & jealousy. Happy with the outcome, both Jay & Ron had some shots of tequilas, & then decided to hit the dance floor. And, damn those tequilas, Jay smooched Ron in front of everyone so passionately, that an already jealous Ria left the party furiously.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Male To Female Transformation - Scientific Experiment Gone Wrong

Dr Sam had finally invented the the formula which can make anyone younger. He had already successfully tested it on a lab rat making him three times younger. However, Dr Sam failed to notice that genetical changes in the rat. Eager to be young once again, the doctor took a dosage himself. The next morning when he woke up, he not only found his hands younger but softer too. But he got the shock of his life, when he found that he had been transformed into a teenage girl. Despite all these, he wasn't actually complaining, & decided to act normally as a girl until he discovers the cure.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Male To Female : The Fraud

Jim After His Transformation
 Jim was a smart wall street broker. After planning & successfully executing a big forgery, he pocketed billions of dollar. But he knew in a matter of days his bossses would come to know about the fraud & that would be the end of everything, so he thought of a unique escape strategy. He spent around a million dollar for MTP's ( Magical Transformation Pills ) & professional help to transform himself into a woman. By the time, the scam was uncovered, Jim who changed his ( I mean her ) name to Jamie was chilling at the beaches of Hawaii. She is now spending a leisurely life of a rich girl & is also dating one of the richest american, living in Hawaii.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Boy To Girl - Body Swap Turns Hot

When Ron swapped his body with his sister, Sheena using the magical spell, he didn't even imagine he (I mean she) would end up in such a awkward situation. Sheena wanted to swap her body with Ron for a day in order to help her friend. Ron agreed, but Sheena forgot to tell his brother that her boyfriend was suppose to visit her today. When Jason ( Sheena's boyfriend ) arrived Ron in his sister's body started feeling uncomfortable, as Jason started touching her. Feeling a strange sensation in her female avatar, Ron resisted until finally giving in.


Friday, 16 November 2012

Boy To Girl - Magical Gennie

Hell with that tricky Genie! I asked him to give me hot looks so that girls could easily get attracted to me and that idiot transformed me into this hot looking girl instead.

Now all boys are getting attracted to me to easily!!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Boy To Girl - Me, Magic & Mom

Mom! Look what you did?

I had told you not to experiment on me with that spell book.

See, it changed me into a girl!!

Change me back now. My old friend is supposed to come to meet me at this time. How would I meet him like this??

Sorry son... I don't know how it happened!!

It's fine. I will tell your friend that you are my daughter. You can go out with your friend like this. I won't mind if you become his girlfriend till we find solution for this.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Crossdressing Adventure - College Festival (PART-I)

Sam & Joy On The Day of College Festival
Sam was a cutie cross dresser. His friend Joy, however was a complete looser, never had a girlfriend in his entire life & was always bullied by his classmate. So, when his annual college festival arrived, he too wanted to take a girl along with him, to show his classmate. Joy had already seen Sam dressed as a girl & knew how beautiful he looked as girl. He told about all this to Sam. Although a bit nervous, Sam agreed to go with Joy to his college festival. When finally the day arrived Joy went to Sam's house, & was really unable to recognize his old friend. Instead of his old friend, their was this cute busty beauty whom no one would ever imagine to be a boy in real. Then, They both went to Sam's college. The guys who never even talked to Joy, that day came forward & wanted to chat with him. Joy introduced Sam as his girlfriend Sameera. Even the girls had that look of jealousy in their eyes after watching Joy walking away with a beauty. Sam was also enjoying her new avatar as a girl & needless to say it was the best day of his entire college life.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Boy To Girl - Dreams

Ron was a guy, who use to get aroused fantasizing being a girl with a sexy figure, & then having sex with a hunk. One fine day when Ron woke up, he was shocked to find himself transformed into a sexy woman. He quickly got up, went to the bathroom & saw himself in the mirror. Yes, he was transformed into a very sexy woman, with a sexy figure. He certainly had no clue about what had happened, when his ( I mean her) maid came in, & talked to her as if she had been a girl her whole life. Even her wardrobe was stacked with feminine attire. She took a bath where she explored her whole body until she had an orgasm, a feeling unlike anything she had ever felt. Coming out of her bathroom she slipped into one cool outfit that she had in her wardrobe. She surely couldn't go to her office like this, so she decided to go Avi's home & would try explaining the matter to him. Avi & Ron were best friends until this incident happened & even Ron wasn't sure whether Avi would believe her or not. But she was shocked, as Avi welcomed her & treated her as she was his girlfriend. Not only that, Avi even started touching & feeling her. Even Ron in his lady avatar was getting turned on by this & they both ended up having sex.
Just when things started getting more hotter, Ron woke up from his dream, & got really disappointed to find himself still as a boy.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cross Dressing Fun On Diwali

Ron On The Day Of Diwali

Ron was a cutie cross dresser, but as he was living with his parents, he seldom got the chance to dress up as a girl. However his moment came when the company he was working in transferred him to Bangalore. There he bought himself feminine dress, expensive makeup kit, wigs, fake breasts & all those things required for looking like a perfect female. As he got his freedom, he often would cross dress for self pleasuring himself sexually. After a few months, when just a couple of days were left for Diwali, Ron decided to go out publicly dressed as a girl on the night of Diwali. He bought a beautiful ethnic dress. On the night of Diwali, he dressed up beautifully. When he went out of his apartment, the boys in his locality were drooling him. Whatever little bit of tension that he felt, vanished after this. That night he went to the most happening place of town, where many a boys were trying to grab his attention. After that night Ron not only got the confidence of going out in public as a girl, but also had sex with boys who were thinking him as a girl on quite a few occasion.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Boy To Girl - Freind Becomes Boyfriend

James After His Transformation

Mom! Look what you did?

I had told you not to experiment on me with that spell book.

See, it changed me into a girl!!
Change me back now. My old friend is supposed to come to meet me at this time. How would I meet him like this??

Sorry son... I don't know how it happened!!

It's fine. I will tell your friend that you are my daughter. You can go out with your friend like this. I won't mind if you become 
his girlfriend till we find solution for this.