Saturday, 29 September 2012

Crossdressing Shock - Encounter with Crossdressed Maid

Rahul Dressed Up as the Maid
When Ria became sure of the fact that her husband was cheating on her, she decided to give him a divorce, but not before giving him the shock of his life & teaching him a lesson. Ria's friend Rahul was not only a gay but also was awesome in the art of cross dressing. Asking Rahul to dress up as a sexy desi maid, Ria told him what she had planned for his husband Raj. She introduced Rahul as their new maid, & by the look in her husband's eye Ria became sure that her plan was surely going to work. One Sunday afternoon Ria told his husband Raj that she was going out for some shopping with her friends & won't be back till evening. She also told Raj that their new maid will be staying the whole afternoon, & would do the cooking. Raj was pretty excited about the prospect as he was eying the maid for some days now, although he had no idea about her true gender identity. When the maid was mopping the floor Raj came from behind, grabbing her waist tightly, rubbing his throbbing hard dick on his new maid's ass. As Rahul ( the cross dressed maid ) was a gay, he too even got turned on. The maid gave him an awesome blowjob. When Raj was ready for insertion, he was completely taken aback to find a cock instead of a pussy. At that moment, even Rahul thought that Raj was about to get shocked, but to his surprise Raj started shagging Rahul's dick, & they both ended up having the most awesome sex. Ria was right about his husband cheating on her, but she was unware that Raj was cheating her for boys & not girls. So, Ria was the one who ended up getting the biggest shock of her life.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sexual Encounter - Girl & Shemale (Ladyboy)

Mom & Daughter
Neha & her Stepmother Nadia
Neha & her Stepmother Nadia

Neha was the only child of her rich parents & hence completely spoiled. She stayed with her dad as their parents were divorced. His dad married another women which made Neha a bit unhappy. One afternoon she was alone at home when she decided to watch some XXX movies & after a while started exploring herself. As she was just about to have orgasm, her stepmother suddenly entered her room. Neha not only got embarrassed but was also angry about the fact that her stepmother didn't knock the door. Her stepmother Nadia firstly apologized to Neha for not knocking the door, & then asked Neha that whether she ever had any sexual encounter. Although Neha, initially felt odd to answer but after a while both the girls became comfortable talking about sex. But Neha in her wildest dream couldn't had imagined what was about to come. When her stepmother asked Neha whether she needed a cock at that very moment, she just casually said yes. Then came the big surprise when, her stepmom took Neha's hand & placed it on her dick, as she actually was a ladyboy. Neha got the shock of her life, although at that moment she wasn't complaining. Neha had the most awesome sexual encounter that she ever had in her life.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Boy To Shemale Transformation

Sam After The Sex Change Operation

Raj was a fashion designer & a gay too. He loved one of his model Sam, who was a gay too. They were so much in love with each other that they decided to marry. But the marriage wasn't as easy as it sounded. Raj's parents were pretty traditional & conservative in nature & never would approve the marriage. Sam came up with a idea that he will undergo a sex change surgery completely transforming into a ladyboy, with a huge dick. After few months when Sam came back after the surgery, he was a beautiful ladyboy making everyone think that he was actually a girl. Raj introduced Sam as Saima to his parents & also told that they were planning on marriage. His parents certainly had no objections with the marriage. Now both Raj & Sam are having a superb sex life after their marriage. 

Raj & Sam After Marriage

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Crossdressing Cheerleaders

Guys Who Participated As Cheerleaders

The baseball team of a college in LA never won any significant tournament, making it difficult for the college to earn any revenue of sorts. So when the competition 'GUYS AS CHEERLEADERS' started, the college had no choice but to participate expecting to win the huge prize money. A selected number of boys who had a bit of feminine look, & a curvaceous body were chosen to represent the college. After a grooming session from the girls, the boys ( I mean the cheerleaders ), were finally ready to represent the college, & ultimately winning the competition too. Moreover, one of the boys who was a part of the cheer-leading team James also won the best trophy for The Guy as Cheerleader.
James Who was voted The Most Sexiest Guy As  Cheerleader

Hot Ladyboys on The Streets of Thainland - Part VII




Saturday, 15 September 2012

Boys To Girls - The Scientific Experiment

Some Of The Subjects used In the Experiments
Other Subjects

At a secret place in India, scientists from all over the globe, are working on making a nano microchip, that can change not only the genetic structure of humans, but can also affect the hormonal cells. The idea originated from vedic physics. These can stick in the hairs in form of gel, & within a span of a week can completely transform a male body into a female one causing a complete genetical change. After the genetic change, these chips begins transmitting data remotely to a computer. Then the scientists on the computer can decide the level of the excitement of hormones. These levels decide how much these boys ( i mean girls ) should crave for sex. The more higher the level is, the more horny these girls are. This leaked picture shows some of the subjects who were used in the experimental process. Some of the scientists even used these subjects for pleasuring themselves. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Boy To Girl - The Inheritance

Jim had a life which made most of the high society women envious of her or at least those who thought he was woman. Jim inherited a huge mansion & money of his grandfather. As he had this habit of cross dressing, he started a new life by moving from Seattle to Queensland in Australia. Moving their he embraced a new life of Jamie. He got the best women attires & accessories, also hiring the best of beauticians that money can buy. Whenever out socially he would dress up as a sexy women. whenever she would throw a party in her mansion, she would dress exclusively attracting every man's attention towards her.