Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cross Dressing Fun On Diwali

Ron On The Day Of Diwali

Ron was a cutie cross dresser, but as he was living with his parents, he seldom got the chance to dress up as a girl. However his moment came when the company he was working in transferred him to Bangalore. There he bought himself feminine dress, expensive makeup kit, wigs, fake breasts & all those things required for looking like a perfect female. As he got his freedom, he often would cross dress for self pleasuring himself sexually. After a few months, when just a couple of days were left for Diwali, Ron decided to go out publicly dressed as a girl on the night of Diwali. He bought a beautiful ethnic dress. On the night of Diwali, he dressed up beautifully. When he went out of his apartment, the boys in his locality were drooling him. Whatever little bit of tension that he felt, vanished after this. That night he went to the most happening place of town, where many a boys were trying to grab his attention. After that night Ron not only got the confidence of going out in public as a girl, but also had sex with boys who were thinking him as a girl on quite a few occasion.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Boy To Girl - Freind Becomes Boyfriend

James After His Transformation

Mom! Look what you did?

I had told you not to experiment on me with that spell book.

See, it changed me into a girl!!
Change me back now. My old friend is supposed to come to meet me at this time. How would I meet him like this??

Sorry son... I don't know how it happened!!

It's fine. I will tell your friend that you are my daughter. You can go out with your friend like this. I won't mind if you become 
his girlfriend till we find solution for this.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Boy To Girl Transformation - Turning into Sexy Chick

The idea of having sex, after being turned into a girl always aroused Jim. Jim was a software techie by profession. His life changed when he invented the gesture technology for cell phones making him a billionaire overnight. Now was the time for making his sexual dream come true. After a period of six months & a successful sex change operation Jim ( now known as Jamie ), has evolved as a different person. His ( I mean her ) best friends kept drooling her when she met them first after her sex change operation. Since, then she even had sex with a lot of guys. 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Nana Plaza - The Sexiest Ladyboy Place in Bangkok



Incest Caption - Brother Seduced By Sister

Rita & Her Brother Sam

They say nothing can control a woman when her hormones are in excited state. Rita was one of the hottest girl in school, & his brother Selim was a studious geek. While Rita enjoyed partying, his brother on the other hand was always sitting on the computer or was indulged in a heavy book. One night when their parents were on vacation, Rita came late from an ecstasy party. When she suddenly entered her brother's room expecting him already asleep, she was shocked to find her brother jerking while watching a porn movie. Raj still didn't notice his sister, when suddenly Rita who was already excited came from behind & grabbed her brother's cock. Although Sam initially felt guilt, but the pleasure was just too good to let go & both got indulged in steamy sex.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Boys To Girls - The Rain Party

Ron & Avi after their Transformation

Ronald & Avi were best friends since childhood. Now busy with their work, they seldom met each other. So they both planned a get together vacation on the beaches of Goa. They really wanted to enjoy themselves, get drunk & get high. They heard of this rain party which happened only once a year & was considered as the most happening party of Goa. Thinking it as a regular party, they both got themselves 2 passes for the party. The party was one of its kind, the rain contained chemical potions that alters the genetic structure of a human body, resulting in changing a male body into a female & vice versa. Another effect that the chemical caused was increase in sexual desire, but all these lasted for just a day. Unknown, about all these things Ronald & Avi went to the party. Seeing some really hot chicks, enjoying themselves withs other boys, got both the friends excited. After getting drunk, they stepped into the rain, & that's when they realized what the party was all about. At first they were just numb, seeing their male body transform into a woman, but after the full transformation, they were too admiring their body, as the chemical was making them excited. They started having fun, grooving to the music with boys ( that were actually girls ), & had an awesome blast in the party.

Some Other Pics Of The Party

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sex Change - Boy To Girl

Ron After MTP Transformation

When Ron needed money urgently, he saw an advertisement in the newspaper that promised a lot of money just for being a subject of an experiment. He thought it was a good deal but it was just too good, not to have a catch in it. When he went to the mentioned location & showed interest in being the subject for the experiment. He was then told what the experiment was about. The subjects were to be given a regular dosage of MTP ( Magical Transformation Pills ), & then would go under a cosmetic surgery that would make them a complete beautiful woman. Although Ron didn't wanted to be the part of the experiment, but left with no other choice for earning such a good amount, he decided to have a go. Now Ron is leading his ( I mean Her ) life as a beautiful woman. With her very admirable looks, even the company decided to make her the leading model for the MTP pills. Not only she advertises for MTP but is also a leading model for several other feminine brands & is also enjoying her sex life more than when she was a boy.

Some Other Pics Of Ron After the MTP Transformation