Saturday, 16 February 2013

Male To Female: The TV Show

Contestants In Japanese Big Boss

The Japanese version of the reality show Big Boss has been aired on TV. The format of Japanese Big Boss is similar to Indian Big Boss except one little things. The contestants were all boys before they were asked to enter the house, but with little help from MTP (Magical Transformation Pills), they all were changed to girls as soon as they entered the house. And just to increase the fun part tye organizers also gave a dosage of sex arousing chemical. The un censored version of the show contains the clips of the newly turned girls exploring their new soft body, sometimes each others.

No wonder it's a huge hit in Japan.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Male To Female - The Magician's Daughter

I had proposed to a girl who was a daughter of a famous magician but he did not want her daughter to marry me.
So he put me under some spell on me and threw me into this river.

Somehow by God's grace you saw me and jumped in to save my life.Just tell me how can I repay you back.?

What?? .....You want me to kiss you?...hmm....okay...I am not gay...but have saved my I will do it....but just one kiss...okay?

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Crossdressed Intimacy with My Best Friend

All right James we all had our laughs but this isn't funny anymore.

I know I lost the bet & agreed to do anything for a day but now its going way too far.

I may be in your girlfriends cloth but its me your old buddy. Now stop James, please don't touch me like this.” said Tyler.

But both the friends ended up spending a hot night together.